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„It is hard to have a business relationship with someone you never met face-to-face, and certainly one that is from a different Country, but I can truly say that it feels like Michal is only across town.”

17 lat pasji do programowania

10 lat doświadczenia komercyjnego

  • PHP (Zend/Laravel)
  • MySQL/PostgeSQL
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript

Some of my clients


„Michal's personality seems to be one that is very caring, and helpful. He makes me feel like he truly cares about any of the questions . I am a very novice php coder, and If I am ever struggling with customizing any of his code, he is always available. If I didn't know better, I would think I was his only customer, due to the fact he always seems to have time to help me. I am also very impressed with his understanding of the English language. Communicating through email is not always an easiest thing to do, but Michal always seems to understand what I am trying to say.”

Michael Waltemeyer